Plant is located in the suburbs of Naples, on the area of 20 000 square meters. m., which comprises:

7000 sq. m. of the production area, 530 sq. m. of a two-story warehouse, as well as a three-story office with a total area of 1450 sq. m. and so forth.

Average daily production output is 150 tons of finished products, at the same time in the warehouse more than 3,000 tons of semi-finished products can be stored.

For today refinery cooperates with the largest corporations in Italy, delivering special products for national machine building plants, working closely with the state-owned companies of freight and passenger rail and road transporting, also manufactures products for the largest local operators of retail networks.

"Excellent" lubricants have the latest permits and approvals by modern European car manufacturers and, therefore, suitable for all units and aggregates of modern car models.

Continuous improvement of the quality system enables the company to meet all the latest requirements and remain competitive in the market of lubricants.


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